Fernando Valdes

Break from work @ Apple HQ

“Happiness is not an accident. Nor is it something you wish for. Happiness is something you design." —Jim Rohn

New graduate from the University of Waterloo having completed an Honours Bachelor of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering with an option in Management Science. I am currently a Product Management Specialist at Miovision Technologies Inc.



Apple, Inc. - Cupertino, CA (August 2010 » December 2010)

  • Communicated extensively with Operations, AppleCare and the Quality Team to collect and analyse relevant iPhone data resulting in significant post-ramp quality improvements
  • Led the company-wide ‘No Trouble Found’ program to better understand user experience and communicate with Apple Engineering to implement solutions and improvements
  • Performed analysis of on-going reliability testing (ORT) data to predict field failures and life cycles as well as improve quality processes at the manufacturing facilities
  • Palm, Inc. - Sunnyvale, CA (January 2010 » April 2010)

  • Led the development, design and execution of hardware qualification test plans for Palm smartphone sensors in order to set standards and validate design margins and features
  • Suggested a crucial design change to the Hardware Engineering Team based on magnetometer data; resulting in an implementation of the proposed modification
  • Co-designed, prototyped and implemented a Three-Axis Helmholtz Coil for magnetometer calibration purposes, saving the company up to $65,000 per device
  • IIRPG - Waterloo, ON (April 2009 » August 2009)

  • Managed the design and implementation of 4 multi-layer PCBs for high frequency research applications
  • Led every stage of PCB design flow, starting from gathering and understanding client requirements all the way to manufacturing and deployment
  • Discussed part options and manufacturing processes with vendors to select the most cost effective option; saving the group up to $1,000 per board while maintaining an efficient and functional design
  • AMD - Markham, ON (Septemeber 2008 » December 2008)

  • Diagnosed problems by performing front-end analysis of over 70 customer-reported problems on Notebook and Desktop PCs that employ AMD ASICs.
  • Worked with multiple engineering teams to resolve reproted issues.
  • Validated and communicated solutions to Samsung and Fujitsu.
  • Projects:

    Kailog (2011-)

    Kailog is an early stage venture focused on creating a platform that allows the sharing and analysis of medical information obtained from medical devices.

    Musicology (2011-)

    The Musicology.ca (Latin Music Entertainment) project is targeted to expand Hispanic and Latin American culture through the art of music, giving the general public easy access to Latin music with one click away.



    University of Waterloo - Waterloo, ON (2006-2011)

    Honours Bachelor of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering with an option in Management Sciences


  • Product/Project Management
  • Hardware Design/Validation/Quality
  • Digital/Analog circuit design

  • Areas of Interest:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Product Operations
  • Management
  • Workshops:

    Stanford University - Stanford, CA (2010)

  • Negotiation Mastery: Achieving Outstanding Results and Relationships.
  • Formulating Business Strategy.
  • Leadership Mastery.
  • Effective Nonverbal Communication.
  • Skills & Interests


    Fluent English & Spanish.

    Technical Skills:

    Matlab, CadSoft EAGLE, Pspice and Cadence OrCad capture, MS Office, HTML, CSS, Google Analytics and AdWords.

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